Ameena Green ,Mayara Lopes – High Fidelity – Track 2: You’re Just My Kind
High Fidelity (Part 2 of 3): Now that Ameena has worked through her arrogant ex-boyfriend, Dorian, she wants to visit and get closure from another ex-lover. She visits Mayara, a woman she used to frequent grimy clubs and punk bars with. Ameena vividly remembers hooking up in dimly lit bathrooms, the music pounding behind the door, and the high risk of fucking when someone could easily walk in on them. Her heart races, remembering Mayara’s face deep in her pussy, eating her out until she climaxed. These were extraordinary days, and Ameena wants to know what went wrong. Mayara is a married woman now, with a family and everything, but when Ameena sits in front of her, a flood of memories and emotions comes over her. Mayara is ready to give up her family and leave it all behind if she can be with Ameena. This heavy confession appeals to Ameena at first, but realizing she can’t be the one to tear a family apart, Ameena takes the high road and parts ways with her former friend and lover.
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