Charlotte Sins – Sex Addicts Anonymous: Relapse [PureTaboo]
The door opens and Amy (Charlotte Sins) is led into the room by the co-worker. She is wearing a short mini skirt, crop top, and high heels. Robert’s co-worker introduces Amy to Robert as Robert stands up to greet her. As she is introduced, Amy anxiously tugs at her skirt, as if unable to keep her hands from touching herself. She smiles flirtatiously at Robert as the co-worker leaves the room.
Robert maintains his composure, but inside he is already frazzled as he goes over the formalities of the intake and his role in the process. It’s clear Amy is thinking about something else, her hands wandering and intentionally catching Robert’s attention. He finally has to sit down to put some distance between them and hide the growing erection in his pants. He pops another piece of chewing gum. He has two pieces left.
Robert continues, encouraging Amy to share her story with him. Amy bites her lip and nods, slowly pulling her chair forward. She begins to tell him her story. By all accounts, she had a normal upbringing. Amy explains that, one day while using the laptop of one of her parents, she discovered his pornography collection. She describes in graphic detail how watching the porn made her feel and how she began to mimic what she saw the women in the videos doing obsessively. Amy admits that she would masturbate constantly. She just COULDN’T stop touching her pussy. She masturbated SO much that she got a callus on her pussy. Amy suggestively asks Robert if he wants to see. She lifts up her skirt and flashes her pussy at Robert, who abruptly turns away. A bead of sweat trickles down the side of his cheek as he reaches for more gum. One piece remains.
Amy sits back suggestively and pouts, watching Robert like a hawk. She asks him why he’s so jumpy. Robert clears his throat and tells her that she just caught him off guard. His role does not include any physical evaluations, so she can save that for when she meets the actual doctor. Amy stands up and announces that she feels uncomfortable in her clothing and removes her top, exposing her breasts. Robert is shellshocked. He explains that he is just a volunteer here. He is in recovery too. She leans over the desk at Robert, her tits inches from him. His breath quickens and he scrambles for a piece of gum. But the young woman grabs his pack and deposits it amongst her things instead, as she slips off her skirt and shoes. She is now completely naked.
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