[DadCrush] Layla Jenner (A Taste for Older Men )
When Mike confronts his stepdaughter, Layla, about a guy he just saw jumping over the fence, she claims that she doesnt know anything about it. Mike knows shes lying, so he grounds her for two weeks. Layla confesses to her stepdad being attracted to older men and starts sucking Mikes cock to make him try and forget the whole thing. Still grounded, Layla gets more flirtatious with her stepdad and asks him to help soothe her throbbing pussy because it hurts so much. Even with Mike playing along, this is still not enough for the horny girl, so she tries to sneak out in the middle of the night to get the cock that she desperately needs. As she wakes Mike up, she begs him for forgiveness. Mike realizes that punishing her is not the solution, so he decides to give her the cock she craves for.
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