Daisy Fuentes – Only You Can Help Me Now [MomDrips]
Daisy has firm reasons to believe her husband is cheating on her. She smells perfume that isn’t hers on his clothes, and there are strange charges on their credit cards. Daisy’s stepson, Elias, all but confirms the suspicions when he, too, expresses concern. Daisy is livid, but she isn’t the kind of milf who takes this sort of betrayal lying down. She makes her move on Elias – if her husband is going to cheat, so is she! She wants to take something precious from her cheating husband, and what better way than to fuck his son. Daisy shows off her immaculate body for Elias, and he knows he shouldn’t fuck her. But seeing her wonderful tits turns him on, and he wants to fuck her so badly. He runs to his room, but Daisy persists, and Elias gives into his mounting lust. The lucky stud fucks his stepmom hard, and she loves his cock even more than she loves her husband’s. It’s a wild sensation for both of them, and the added element of it being forbidden makes it all the more alluring. Elias strokes her pussy and gets deep inside of his stepmom until his cock is pumping out loads of cum. She loves the feeling of his seed deep in her and moans with delight.
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