[DaughterSwap] Bianca Bangs, Chloe Rose (Steamy Sessions)
Bianca and Chloe are total BFFs. Their stepdads, Ken and Wil, are close as well. The two families love doing stuff together, and a lovely winter getaway is their next big adventure. As they arrive at their destination, snow covers everything, so the four find things to do inside the house. While the guys play pool, the girls find a sauna and try it out. The room gets steamier as Bianca and Chloe discuss sex. Their curiosity is piqued, and unable to resist each other, the girls try out their first sexual interaction with each other. Its taboo, but they know it feels right. The stepdads check on the girls only to find them making out and exploring each others bodies. Far from being mad, Ken and Will understand that their stepdaughters are at that age where they want to learn everything about sex, and who better to teach them than their stepdads? Ken and Will start by fucking each others stepdaughters, but when they notice Bianca and Chloe want a little time with their own stepdaddies, they are happy to oblige.
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