Devyn Lux – I’m Hot for Teacher [MomDrips]
Australian babe Devyn needs a handyman to swing by her place and install a new microwave. For a milf, she’s got a bratty attitude. She constantly scoffs and rolls her eyes, letting anyone around her know she is in charge. Peter arrives at her place, and he recognizes her immediately, but she doesn’t recognize him. Not until he calls her Ms. Lux. Way back when Devyn failed Peter, and he never let it go. Still, he always found Devyn to be a smoking hot babe, and he still fantasizes about her tits and what it would be like if she rode his cock. But now he doesn’t have to live in a simple fantasy – Ms. Lux is about to make Peter eat her pussy until she cums. Once she’s had her fill, she makes Peter fuck her hard and won’t accept any other climax big creampie. She wants to feel Peter’s load dripping from her pussy and witness what sort of man he’s become. Luckily for her, Peter is happy to oblige.
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