[FamilyStrokes] Alexia Anders, Fiona Frost, Addis Fouche (Valentine Reversal)
It’s Valentine’s Day, and Addis couldn’t be more excited. She has vivid ambitions for this day and imagines her wildest dreams will come to fruition. She fantasizes with Fiona about her crush, knowing he’ll fall head over heels in love when he sees how cute she looks. Ready to make it all come true, Addis sets out for the day. She runs into her stepdad, Kyle, on the way out. He’s just come out of the shower and has nothing but a towel around his waist. Addis can’t help but admire her stepdad’s body. Even if he’s an older guy, she’s always found him really attractive. Now, seeing him in just a towel, she wonders if maybe her stepdad has a big cock underneath. The thought turns her on, and since she’s already feeling horny because of Valentine’s Day, she wonders if she should rip the towel away and have some fun before school. But she thinks it better not to. Who knows how he might react? She suspects he may have eyed her once or twice in the past, but since she’s got the hots for him, she could be making it up. After school, Addis comes home, joined by Fiona, and both girls are heartbroken. The day didn’t go as planned, and neither of them saw their Valentine’s Day fantasies come true. Kyle is also facing a dilemma, as his wife isn’t coming home, so the lingerie he bought her and the roses on the bed he meticulously set up will go to waste. Walking past Kyle’s bedroom, the girls see the lingerie and the roses and decide to have a little fun as a way to turn their Valentine’s Day around. Kyle walks in on the girls and is completely caught off guard. He can see his stepdaughter’s nipples and Fiona’s nipples through the sheer lingerie. Kyle knows he shouldn’t be checking them out, as it’s a little fucked up to see his stepdaughter and get turned on. But still, he can’t help but admire their stunning bodies. He’s getting hard but can’t let them see that they’ve turned him on. It’s no use, as the girls quickly understand the power they have over him now. Since everyone is having a bad Valentine’s Day, the girls figure it would be mutually beneficial if they play around with Kyle, and he gets to see his Valentine’s gifts in use. Addis reaches out and strokes her stepdad’s dick beneath his jeans. As she suspected, he has a big dick, and now that she’s made the first move, it’s too late to turn back now. Kyle knows he shouldn’t, but at the same time, he’s feeling extraordinarily lustful and will probably never get the chance to fuck two insanely hot younger girls again. Both Addis and Fiona slobber on his cock, taking turns filling their mouths and seeing who can fit it the deepest. The sensation of his stepdaughter sucking his dick drives Kyle wild. Addis can’t believe this is happening, either. To think her day started with fantasizing about her stepdad’s naked body to her now giving him a blowjob – it feels unreal in the best way. They’re all starting to have fun. Addis wants to ride her stepdad’s dick and deepen their bond in a way she’s dreamt about for a long time. It feels incredible getting fucked by her stepdad. Their connection is intimate and familiar, and the tension is heightened by how forbidden it all is. Kyle and Addis both know this will have to be a secret they share for the rest of their lives. Her juices drip and get all over Kyle’s cock and balls as he pounds her pussy harder and harder. Fiona wants her turn, too. The girls move between positions, eating each other out and sharing Kyle’s cock playfully. When Kyle can no longer hold his load, he shoots his shot all over their adorable faces. They look immaculate, showered in cum. The girls swap his load with passionate tongue kisses, taking in the moment and reveling in their Valentine’s Day reversal.
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