[FamilyStrokes] Lola Aiko (Keeping an Eye on Lola)
Lola has a boyfriend that she’s head over heels for. She sends the lucky guy some stellar nudes, but in the middle of her photoshoot, her stepdad, Ruben, catches her. He is furious and takes away Lola’s phone. Ruben then leaves Nicky in charge of keeping an eye on Lola. It’s up to Nicky to ensure his stepsister doesn’t do anything too risque. But when Nicky catches Lola sending out nudes again, the stepsiblings come to an agreement. If Nicky keeps this a secret, Lola will do all the kinky things his girlfriend usually does for him. So Nicky whips out his cock, and Lola can’t believe how big her stepbrother’s cock is! She’s always been a little curious, and now she has it right in front of her. She sucks his dick a little before he fucks her hard. They know they could get in some serious trouble were their stepdad to catch them, but it’s too fun to stop, and Lola is having even more fun getting fucked by her stepbro than she was sending nudes to her boyfriend.
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