[FamilySwap] Maria Kazi, Sarah Taylor (Lets Take A Ride)
What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap,Sarah Taylor and her swap son Joshua Lewis are ready to go to the beach. When Danny Steele and his swap daughter Maria Kazi come out dressed to go for a bike ride, they realize there’s been a miscommunication. A game of rock paper scissors determines that they’re going to the beach. Maria and Danny try to make the best of it, but the sexual tension between them comes to a head as Maria pretends to be riding a bike on Danny’s lap and accidentally-on-purpose pops her tits out. Next thing she knows, she’s got Danny’s dick in her mouth and then in her tight little pussy. She’s still riding as Sarah and Joshua come out into the room. Sarah storms off, but Joshua is here for some old fashioned voyeurism. It turns out that Sarah was only off to change into some hot blue lingerie to really entice Johsua into fucking her. She takes it in doggy as Maria keeps on riding Danny. Then the girls swap, sucking each other’s juices off the Ds. Sarah rides Danny in reverse cowgirl while Joshua gets his dick wet with Maria on her back. Switching back to their original partners, Maria fucks Danny in doggy while Sarah lets Josha do her in missionary. Pulling out, Joshua gives Sarah a full frontal cum shot. A minute later, Danny covers Maria’s ass in his own c um, leaving both girls sticky and replete.
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