[HijabMylfs] Nina White (Nina’s First Mardi Gras)
Nina is a fresh slate regarding American festivities, so she is perplexed when her stepson Victor explains Mardi Gras and the significance of the beads. Still, she is highly interested, even if it does sound provocative. Nina has never done anything too wild, so showing Victor forbidden parts of her body feels exceptionally taboo. But more than it being taboo or wrong, it feels exciting. Nina reveals all to Victor, and him seeing her tits and pussy has her feeling more alive than ever. She wants to take things a step further and gets on her knees to suck his cock. It’s incredible to think that she’s there with her stepson’s dick in her mouth when moments ago, this naughty act is something she’d never have tried. Now, letting her freaky side out, she’s beyond exhilarated. After blowing her stepson, Nina can’t get the image of Victor’s cock out of her mind. She knows she needs to take things even further next time, and when she has some alone time with Victor, Nina does precisely that. Nina strips down to her bra and panties and lets Victor push the panties aside so he can fuck her. She’s dripping wet, and Victor can’t believe he’s fucking his stepmom. For such a conservative woman, Nina is pretty spectacular at riding dick. Victor wants to take control and fuck Nina hard. She moans in absolute pleasure as he rails her on the couch. When it’s time for Victor to cum, he busts a big sloppy load in Nina’s mouth and on her face. She plays with his load and takes every drop she can, savoring it and basking in the moment.
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