[MommysBoy] Pristine Edge, Charlotte Sins (The Consequences Of Your Actions)
Pristine Edge leads her stepson, Jimmy Michaels, up to the front door of a house. Pristine looks very annoyed with her stepson, and orders him to knock on the door. It turns out that this is the house that Jimmy and his pals toilet-papered the night prior, and Pristine wants him to apologize. This is their new neighbor, after all, so Pristine wants to make sure they make amends and properly make up for Jimmy’s bad behavior. When the neighbor, Charlotte Sins, opens the door, she casually invites Pristine and Jimmy inside to chat. They settle in the living room, where Pristine nudges Jimmy to apologize. He does, but it’s half-hearted, which only frustrates Pristine and Charlotte further. Eventually, Jimmy offers a more profound apology, but Charlotte says that it won’t be enough. In fact, the only way she’ll forgive Jimmy is if he has sex with her! Jimmy is shocked, and even more so when his stepmom urges him to do as Charlotte says. Jimmy abides and starts to fuck Charlotte as a way to make up for his misdeeds. Pristine, however, thinks he could put in a little more effort… so she decides to jump in to show her stepson how to REALLY make this a TRUE apology. They have a raunchy threesome, with Charlotte loving every second of it. Needless to say, it’s all going to be water under the bridge after this!
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