[MommysLittleMan] Ariana Starr (A Little off the Top)
The time has come for Ricky’s haircut, and he is not about it. His mother, Leah, needs Ricky to be brave and let the hairdresser give him a clean cut. Ricky is even more fidgety when he sees Ariana, a tall, busty, beautiful babe. She towers over Ricky, but all he can think about is getting his cock inside of her. Ariana soon sees that the only way to calm Ricky down is by using her busty features. She lets her magnificent tits rest on Ricky’s face, drawing his attention away from the scissors and onto her body. Ricky gets a little too excited and starts jerking off underneath the cape. When Ariana notices Ricky has hit cock out, she pushes the twerp aside. If he’s going to be so bold as to jerk off in the salon, he may as well put his cock to work and use it to please her pussy. Ariana lets Ricky get lucky and fuck her then and there. They can’t let Leah notice, but it’s hard not to get too loud and into the moment. Ricky fucks the tall babe until he busts his nut and gives her a nice load of cum in her mouth.
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