[MyDirtyMaid] Charlotte Lapiedra (This Maid Likes To Party)
Charlotte shows up to my crib ready to clean, and I’m the one feeling dirty. She has the hottest ass and nice big perky tits I have ever seen. I have to see more. I ask her can I give her more money for her to clean in her panties, and she is very hesitant. She realizes she can use the money to party so she eventually agrees. Why did she do that? Cause now I only want more. For a few more dollars I ask can she take her top off. This time she was a little more enthusiastic; because she is very proud of her big naturals. She took her shirt down and it took everything in me to control myself. As she was cleaning my bathroom, she got her panties wet in the tub. I told her she could give them to me, I will make sure they get dry and she did. Now cleaning and prancing around my place naked, it was all a man can take. I started to goon in front of her. She was shocked at first, then saw how big and black my dick was. I told her I had to stroke it because she was making it so hard it ached. She asked can she suck it and it was up from there. I fucked her tight warm pussy all over the room, then left her a mess to clean on her face.
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