[MylfLabs] Ellie Tay (Concept: Twin Share)
What’s up, Mylf lovers? You know a Labs update means it’s time to get experimental, so let’s have some fun! This concept is easy to understand – we’re going all in on the twin! Twin Share is an experiment in which we use movie magic to create a “twin” of your favorite babes. This idea has proven to be very alluring to many people, so we knew we had to put our name in the hat and try it out for ourselves. In this episode, Ellie’s “sister” needs a place to stay after losing her job. Ellie thinks she should come live with her and her stepson, Jimmy. Ellie’s sister takes the invite, but her relationship with Jimmy quickly becomes Risque. When Ellie catches Jimmy messing around with her sister, she doesn’t mind – she wants to watch and get a turn. Jimmy fucks his stepmom’s sister and his stepmom, giving both milfs the dick down. He can barely tell them apart, and they both take cock like champs. Jimmy busts his load, hoping it becomes a regular part of their daily lives.
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