[MylfLabs] Sydney Paige (Concept: Nanny Diaries)
What’s up, MYLF lovers? Yearn for those days when you were young and started noticing your hot nanny? Then this labs experiment is for you, as we bring the bodacious blonde Sydney Paige to reconnect with one of the boys he used to babysit so she can help him out with his girl problems. Donnie, Sydney’s former boss, calls her due to an issue with Rico, Donnie’s son whom she used to take care of. The boy has broken up with his girlfriend and seems absolutely lost. Donnie is worried that the guy needs some guidance, and Sydney knows that a woman’s touch is exactly what can make him better again. Upon talking to him, Sydney notices how much Rico has grown, and how he doesn’t fully understand sex, so it’s time to show Rico how to eat pussy, something that will make him popular with girls. As the boy learns to keep his cock hard and Sydney horny, it’s pussy-drilling time! The proud nanny won’t stop until she is sure that his favorite kid is back on his feet and ready for the real world!
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