[PervMom] Sydney Paige, Evie Christian (As Cool as it Gets)
Jay’s birthday is coming up, and Sydney is doing everything at hand to be the coolest stepmom about it. She wants to throw a big party for him and she has a surprise prepared with the help of Evie, Jay’s girlfriend. When she goes to tell him the big news, she finds Jay jerking off in his room. Determined to be cool about it, she helps her stepson out by rubbing his cock for him to unload. Sydney suddenly discovers that she can’t stay too far from her stepson’s dick, so on the day of the party, he surprises him in the bathroom and sucks his dick. When he’s about to shoot, Evie comes in, so Sydney hides, watching how all the work she’s done on her boy’s meat is capitalized by Evie, who swallows his boyfriend’s juicy cum. Finally, it’s time for the party, and the moment to show Jay what his favorite gals have prepared for him: a nasty threesome! Stepmom, stepson, and girlfriend come together for a hot celebration–the proof that Sydney is indeed the COOLEST STEPMOM EVER!
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