[PervPrincipal] Sawyer Cassidy, FitWife Jewels (We Can Work This Out)
Jewels is the best PE Coach there is, but concern about her methods arises when Danny learns that she fucked Sawyer’s boyfriend. Danny simply can’t have Jewels fucking students behind his back, but he also can’t get rid of one of his best employees. He thinks that the three of them can work together to find a resolution. If Sawyer wants to see all of the wild nasty things Jewels did with her boyfriend, the milf can show the younger babe how a real woman fucks. Danny thinks a secretive, kinky threesome is just what the group needs to make this all disappear. Sawyer and Jewels are stunned, but they’re both horny and down to fuck, so they give in to their lust. Principal Steele fucks the chicks hard, ensuring he keeps both babes satisfied as only a caring and loving principal could. Swayer learns all about how an older woman treats a man, and she can see how Jewels seduced her boyfriend. Danny cums for the chicks, and they share his load, swapping his cum with a naughty kiss.
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