Pristine Edge, Dee Williams, Nicole Doshi, Gigi Dior and Millie Morgan
Elias is not the toughest guy out there, but his potential to be a strong fighter is boundless. His bullies are relentless and make Elias’s life miserable. To defeat them, he’ll need to find strength and vigor. He won’t be able to grow his power on his own – it’ll take the teachings of his friends and enemies. When Elias meets Dee, an ex-pornstar with a lot to offer, she helps Elias devise a plan to get back at his bullies by fucking their moms. Elias puts in the hard work and trains his cock to be the most powerful of all. Dee’s lessons will help Elias to push himself to his limits and fuck the baddest milfs in town. Elias will have to overcome ferocious pussy powers and take on formidable babes like Nicole Doshi, Gigi Dior, Millie Morgan, and Pristine Edge. Elias’s first milf to conquer is Nicole, a yoga master with a fierce sex drive. Dee helps get Elias a private appointment, which will be his opportunity to fuck her brains out. Elias pushes the Asian milf to her limits and, using Dee’s teachings, pushes his cock deep inside Nicole’s pussy. Elias stretches Nicole out in more ways than one, using all of his newfound power to make her quiver. The intimidating milf does not waver easily, but it is Elias who cums out victorious in the end. With other milfs to battle and fuck, Elias will have his work cut out for him. Will his training be enough, or will Elias’s cock be defeated by the might of the milfs?
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