[PureTaboo] Alison Rey (For Richer Or Poorer)
Connie (Alison Rey) and Michael (Robby Apples), two house cleaners, are cleaning a room in a home when the wealthy homeowner, Carl (Will Pounder), enters and openly hits on Connie. Connie is polite about it, though Michael seems frustrated by the act. Once Carl leaves, it’s revealed that Connie and Michael are a married couple who run a struggling cleaning business together. Michael hates that Connie lets Carl flirt with her but she thinks it’s a necessary aspect of their situation. After all, times are hard and clients are few, so if she has to stroke some egos, she will. Connie tries to continue cleaning but Michael won’t drop the issue, which leads to them arguing even more. But before things get too heated, Connie says she needs space and goes to clean another room. From that point on, Michael spies on Connie, catching her continuing to flirt with Carl in other rooms. Finally, after one suggestive joke too many, Michael speaks privately again to Connie, which leads to them arguing more intensely. But this time, tired of her husband’s attitude and thinking about the future, Connie puts her foot down. She decides to let Carl fuck her… right in front of Michael… to show Michael who’s really boss.
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