[PureTaboo] Madi Collins, Summer Col (4-Player Games)
Two friends, Adam (Tommy Pistol) and Darrell (Damon Dice), who are also stepdads, are hanging out while their cute teen stepdaughters, Nicole (Madi Collins) and Tracy (Summer Col), innocently and distractedly play video games in front of them. The stepdads lament about their lousy marriages while daydreaming about being with younger women. The cheeky conversation eventually leads to the stepdads lustfully eyeing their own stepdaughters, who are blissfully unaware of everything. The stepdads then both start candidly talking about how hot the girls are, slowly opening up about their attraction to their own stepdaughters, plus each other’s. With all of those hungry thoughts swirling around in their heads, the stepdads start conspiring with each other to play their OWN game…
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