[ShoplyfterMylf] Ryan Keely, Coco Lovelock (Case No. 6615440 – Coco Returns)
After he suspects them of shoplifting, loss prevention officer Danny brings Coco and Ryan into the back office for interrogation. Ryan swears Coco’s innocence, but Danny knows that Coco is a repeat offender and has shoplifted from this exact store several times before. When Ryan hears this, she wants to see her stepdaughter learn a hard lesson in thievery. Luckily, Danny is just the officer for the job, as he always lays down the cock of justice. Ryan is especially shocked when she discovers that Coco stole a giant dildo. She is appalled and needs to see Coco learn her lesson immediately – and she is going to help. Now, Coco and Ryan must deal with Danny’s raging hard-on and satisfy the officer if they want to get off the hook. Coco sucks Danny’s dick and gets fucked in front of her stepmom. But Danny doesn’t want to see Ryan’s pussy go un-fucked, so he makes sure to bury his shaft deep inside of the milf, too. He busts a big load for Ryan and Coco and hopes to see them stealing again sometime soon.
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