[SisLovesMe] Stella Luxx (I Just Want Your Attention)
Stella’s attempts to get her stepbrother Joshua’s attention are way over the line. The sassy girl walks into the same room wearing a slutty (and transparent!) outfit and parades her juicy little ass in front of him. Joshua tells her she creeps him out, but in reality, he can’t stop thinking about her sweet curves, and Stella knows it, so she plays with her tits close to Josuha’s face and asks him if he likes them. Joshua just can’t help it anymore and squeezes them nice and hard–mission accomplished for sweet Stella! A good crotch rub ensures her stepbrother won’t see her as an innocent girl anymore. Yet, the nerdy chick wants a little more fun with Joshua, so she confronts him in the kitchen once more. She craves cock, and only Joshua can satisfy her. She doesn’t think twice and goes straight for her stepbrother’s juicy balls and luscious dick, sucking them dry and giving them a stunning titjob. The next day, Stella wears a more casual attire for math club–something Joshua can no longer allow! Behaving like a fatherly figure, he tells her she can’t go like that. In a less fatherly twist, he turns Stella around, places her on all fours, and tears up her jeans to reveal that fine ass of hers. Stella just surrenders to her stepbro’s dominant attitude, letting him fill her pussy up with his creamy load.
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