The Return Of The Queen! – QueenRogueXXX

Queen Rogue has finally returned to bang bros. She looks better than ever and her mouth couldn’t be anymore filthier. We paired her with Javon today hoping to scare her a little with how big his dick is. Rogue acted frightened at first, but if any of you know Queen Rogue; you know it is all cap. She took it down her throat, then in her pussy. Javon tried to pound her into submission, true fans know that he is only waring himself out. You don’t fuck Queen Rogue, you survive her. She told Javon she was going to drain his balls and that she did. He was fucking the shit out of her, but the way she emptied him, I think he is the one not able to walk. Queen Rogue you are exactly what we been missing around here. Don’t be gone for so long this time.

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