Valentina Nappi – TRENTEBEARD [PlantsvsCunts]
Valentina Nappi’s peaceful walk in the woods end up being obstructed by an ancient tree creature named Trentebeard. However, the years of loneliness have made it not so gentle and caring. The moment he notices Valentina, Trentebeard spreads his vines and branches to quickly restrain her. He takes Valentina’s panties off and pins her against a tree.   With her ass wide exposed, Trentebeard whips out his long plant cock and sticks it inside Valentina’s anus. He starts fucking her until she’s stuffed with plant semen and eventually faints from the rush of emotions and cum inside her body. As she drops on her back, Trentebeard wastes no time. He picks up Valentina’s legs and starts fucking her pussy with his tree dick until she’s filled with yet another creampie.   This chance of a lifetime for Trentebeard will not go wasted. He even stuffs Valentina’s mouth with his plant cum before going in the big finale. Trentebeard spreads three of his plant tentacle cocks, one for each hole to plug, and deliver a massive triple cumshot in all of them at once. As the plant cum oozes out of her holes, Trentebeard disappears never to be seen again, leaving Valentina stranded in the middle of nowhere.
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